I first became interested in photography as a young boy, beginning with my grandfather's borrowed Kodak Brownie box camera. My own first camera, which I carried around everywhere with me, soon followed and being a schoolboy with limited funds I was sometimes berated by my father for being so extravagant with my use of film. I bought my first SLR as a teenager and have progressed through a number of models since then, upgrading along the way.

My interests in the various facets of photography have changed over the years, but I have always had an interest in photographing buildings, landscapes, travel photography and portraiture. More recently I have become interested in wildlife photography. Other areas I have had experience of in the past include astrophotography. I have worked with film and transparencies but I am now completely digital, swapping hours in the darkroom for hours sat over my computer instead.

My techniques have developed over the years, but some aspects have remained constant. I try as much as possible to obtain the best picture I can in the camera at the time, using a tripod and taking my time wherever practical. I prefer to keep image manipulation to a minimum, maintaining a natural looking image rather than one that has been over-processed. I am a member of the Royal Photographic Society and have successfully achieved the ARPS distinction in the Natural History category. I am also actively involved with the Nikon Owner group in London.

I have used mainly Nikon cameras for many years, and currently use Nikon Z7 and Z9 bodies and an extensive range of Nikon prime and zoom lenses covering the focal lengths from 14 to 800 mm. I also have my own portrait studio equipped with studio lighting and own a variety of accessories for use in the studio or the field.